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Kakojan is a rural area 16 K M away in the east of Jorhat town and 40 KM from the west of Sibsagar Town Assam.The very name ‘Kakojan’ comes from the name of a small tributary called ‘Kakojan’ which originates from Naga Hills in the South and mingles at the mighty river Brahmaputra in the north.During the administration of the Ahom Kings the are was famous for the production of the choicest rice for the royal family.That is why the Ahom King entitled the Mouza(in which Kakojan is located) as Chawkhat which comes from the word ‘Chaul Khat’ means famous for the production of the choicest rice(Chaul in Assamese language).From the religious point of view the area has been bearing a great significance since 16th century.Mahapurush (Saint)Madhavdeva ,the successor of Mahapurush Sri Srimanta Sankadeva the leader of Vaishnavite movement in Assam ,established the famous ‘Dehekiakhowa Bor Namghar’ in the north west of the area.

The Ahom Kings constructed the ‘Cheuni Ali’ crossing this area which was converted to NH-37, the main route of Assam.The famous ‘Lahdoi Gar’ (Rampart) made by the Ahom Kings bears the sign of protection of the old Ahom capital ‘Rongpur’ situated in the Modern Sibsagar town in the east. The maidam(Grave) of the great national Assamese hero ‘Bir Lachit Borphukon’ and historical, ‘sensuwa pukhuri'(tank) also exist in the area. The british authority stated tea plantation at the neighboring area of Kakojan in the 19th century. The tea company like Tata Tea limited, Jayshree Tea Industries Limited and others are still producing Tea in the area. During the Freedom Movement of India, the place was politically conscious and many freedom fighters actively participate in the movement. Since the time of British administration ,Kakojan happen to be the center of education. The British government started Govt. M.E. School at Kakojan in was the first government educational institute between Sibsagar town in the East and Jorhat Town in the West .In course of time ,this Govt. M.E. School has been becoming the mother of so many M.V and M.E and High School of East Jorhat.

From the fifty decade ,the people of Kakojan area felt the necessity of the establishment of a college for catering the need of higher education for the students of economically backward community. As a result of that spontaneous thought Kakojan College was established on 24th July, 1967 with the contribution of the public educationalist, social Workers etc. Even the baggers and widows offered pie for it. The college is situated in a rural area at the center of 12-15Km radius surrounded by the M.O.B.C,O.B.C, General Classes, Tea garden and ex-tea garden labours, tribal and economically backward and flood affected families. At present, it has been imparting higher education in Arts in undergraduate level with major in Assamese, English, History, Education, Political Science, Sociology and Economics etc. The science stream has been stated in 1994 and imparting higher education with major in Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics, Botany, Zoology and non-major in statistics.

The college has come under deficit system of grant in aid with effect from 01/09/1981 and registered under U.G.C 2(f) Act on 12th Dec, 1998. The college is provincialised by the govt. of Assam in 1st Dec, 2005. In the last two decade the college has shown distinguish result in the faulty of arts including 5th Position in the year 2001 and 1st Position in the year 2009 in H.S. Level and first class in various subjects in degree level. At present the college is running with more than thousand students, thirty six teachers and thirteen employees. For last 49 years it has been offering yeomen’s of service to the cause of higher education and specially to a large number of rural students ,belonging to poor economic background of Kakojan and east Jorhat. The healthy academic atmosphere of the college ,good results as well as personal care and guidance offered by the teachers have proved to the plus point because of which students from remote place have made this college a natural abode of study. Situated in a country side,16 Km away from Jorhat town, the college is situated in academic landmark stated by the British Govt. The plan and estimate has been made to make the college attractive with buildings, Library, Garden with sweet smelling flowers and green scenery. Being extremely free from the disturbances of the city and town Kakojan College is proud of a healthy academic environment starting from primary to higher education. The college authority with co-operation from the faculty members, staff, students, ex-students and guardian have created and enthusiastic sprit for the all round development of the College.

Year & Date of Establishment:

Deficit System of grant-in-aid:

Date of UGC Registration

Date of Provincialization:

by the Govt. of Assam:

Affiliating University:

Re-accreditated by NAAC:

24th July, 1967

01 – 09 – 1981

12th December, 1998

1st December, 2005


Dibrugarh University (Assam)

B+ Grade (2016)

Our Vission

The vision of the college is to make the all round development of the human resources through Quality Education under the guidance of Affiliating University, UGC. NAAC and Govt. of Assam. The institution upholds the -highest standards of instruction in Arts, Science with Vocational Courses. Along with academic excellence the institution emphasizes on democracy, co-operation and cultural sensitivity so that the students may serve best the Society. Nation and the World. The institution also cherishes vision to impart education to those learners who have been deprived of formal system of higher education because of age, economic background etc. through open Distance Learning (ODL) System.

Our Mission

  • Imparting Quality Education of National Standard and Imbibing Skill for solving real life problem.
  • Inculcating global perspective in attitude.
  • Creating leadership qualities with futuristic vision.
  • Postering spirit of entrepreneurship and realization of societal responsibilities.
  • Cultivating adaption of ethics, morality and healthy practices in academic and professional life
  • Inculcating the spirit of social development through the study of language and culture.
  • Instilling habit of continual learning.
  • Encouraging and supporting creative and research temperament.
  • Establishing and promoting linkages with the Institutions and Organizations of National and International level.
  • To introduce job-oriented and vocational courses for professional and academic development.
  • To organize community development programmes for the socio-economic development of the neighbourhood.
  • Our Special Features

    The college being an institution of Higher Education is marching for ‘Quality Education

  • All the courses of both Arts and Science streams are affiliated to the University of Dibrugarh, recognised by the UGC.
  • Proper academic environment for effective development of human resource
  • Regularity and punctuality in teaching – learning system. Experienced and highly qualified faculties not only give theoretical teaching to students, but also guide them in future course of study, placement and practical knowledge. Shaping the attitude and aptitude, personality and skill of the students to make them smart, energetic and dynamic citizens of the society.
  • The traditional method of teaching is supplemented with the use of Audio-visual Aids, Group Discussion, Individual Guidance, Seminar, Workshop, Field work.
  • Collaboration with other Institutions/Organizations :

  • In the area of teaching and learning, faculty exchange and community development programme, the college has signed MOU’s with School of Social Sciences, Assam Kaziranga University, Jorhat.
  • As a part of extension activities and also for the sake of sustainable development, the college has established “Organic Model Garden and Production Unit” in its extended area of the campus (Sector-B) in collaboration with NEADS, a local NGO and in support with Fertile Ground (NGO), Canada.
  • RTo encourage the spirit of self employment and attitude of entrepreneurship among the students the college has signed MOU’s with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati, Assam for short term Entrepreneurship Development Course.